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93 Milan Piesne & amp; Football Chants

Milan is also known as il Diavolo (The Devil) or Casciavit (Lombard language for: Screwdrivers), they play their home games at the San Siro, also known as the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, the largest stadium in Italian football, with a total capacity of 80,074.

226 We Won't Leave You Amazing Milano anthem Zoznam skladieb
924 We Believe It Never Give Up Zoznam skladieb
1622 Auxerre A Fanchant Against The French Team Zoznam skladieb
1773 To See Kaka Score Ricardo Kaka - Brazilian attacker Zoznam skladieb
2318 The Faithful Chant for warned fans who can't come to stadium. You are always with us! Zoznam skladieb
2391 We Hate Them All A Fanchant Against Juve, Verona and Roma Zoznam skladieb
2420 In Every Stadium Great Lyrics By AC Milan Fans In This Beauty Zoznam skladieb
2451 Pipogol A Fanchant For Inzaghi Zoznam skladieb
2546 Oh Milan Lalala Come On Milan Zoznam skladieb
2622 Come on Milan Sorry not sure what this is saying Zoznam skladieb
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3015 Where Are the Ultras? A Classic When It Comes To Football Songs! Zoznam skladieb
3243 My Sweet Mary The Most Representative Song in Milan, Sung By The Fans Zoznam skladieb
3381 Cannavaro Piece... A fanchant against Cannavaro Zoznam skladieb
3489 Force Fight Win Forza! Zoznam skladieb
3711 A Minute of Gestures Can't Imagine They Are The Kindest Of Gestures Zoznam skladieb
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